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Disney Plus is one of the most popular and the best subscription-based video streaming services created by Disney similar to Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV Plus, and Netflix. They offer a wide range of TV shows and movies to view at any time and anywhere. Initially, in September 2017, it was announced but on 12th November 2019, they were able to launch the service. As of 31st March 2020, the Disney Plus service is available for various countries like Spain, the United States, Italy, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

When compared with Netflix service, the library of TV series and movies are not large however, Disney plus will offer exclusive streaming experience with its massive content archive. This is the best place to watch new materials such as Marvel Studios (upcoming content), the Mandalorian (the Star Wars series & live-action), and many more. They also offer various content from National Geographic and as well as Pixar

Features Of Disney Plus

Disney plus will offer various significant features over Netflix with regards to its pricing and video content:

  • During the launch, Disney plus will offer unbelievably undercutting and low subscription pricing when compared to its competitors.
  • They are investing billions to create unique & new video content (originals) exclusive to utilize Disney streaming services as well.
  • Once your favorite movie hits the theatrical release then it will be automatically available under Disney’s streaming services.
  • Disney had already proven about its mastering for uploading the new video content from its amazing Walt Disney Studios along with its 2019 movie line-up.
  • They also have newly acquired subsidiaries like 20th Century Fox and National Geographic to showcase the family-friendly video content.
  • Disney plus has the libraries of fan-favorite movies like Star Wars, Marvel Studios, and Pixar along with numerous Disney-branded TV shows and movies.

Disney Plus Bundle Pack

Disney Company has started a new bundle package with the three different streaming services:

  • ESPN Plus
  • Hulu
  • Disney Plus

Most of them will require an answer to the question “how much is Disney plus” with regards to its pricing. On 12th November, the company announced that the monthly subscription will start from $12.99. This bundle ($12.99) is much cheaper when compared with other competitive streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. It is also cheaper when compared with the HBO Max, which is charging $17 per month.

ESPN Plus will cost around $4.99 per month and currently, Hulu along with advertisements are charging at $5.99 per month. ESPN Plus is now the best sports streaming platform of Disney-owned and showcases numerous sports such as International Rugby cricket, college sports, PGA Tour Golf, Top Rank Boxing, Grand Slam tennis, MLS, NHL, and MLB games. The EPSN films with a full library will also include 30 for 30 and many more.

This is also another streaming destination to view the UFC fights and without any doubt, this will showcase the banner shows and lack of Sportscenter from the ESPN cable network. The Disney Plus bundle pack includes the Hulu (ad-supported) & standard package. It will not even showcase Live TV with Hulu or even the expensive no-commercials plan. Disney Plus can allow users to upgrade their Hulu subscriptions as well.

How To Utilize Disney Plus For Free

There are two different methods available across the online platform to utilize the Disney Plus pack for free in your lifetime. The first option is to utilize the free trial period for 7-day. While registering to use the standalone streaming service then users are provided with 7-days free access at no cost. This is the best time for anyone to give a try and find the interesting features or available functionalities to take a correct decision before choosing the subscription plan. In case if you had chosen the Disney+ bundle pack then it is not possible to utilize the free trial option. 

Verizon Wireless Company is providing one-year free access to Disney Plus pack while subscribing for 5G & 4G LTE unlimited wireless plans. The same offer can also be utilized while signing or registering for the Verizon Fios Home Internet plan. You can gain 12 months of unlimited access to the huge library available within the Disney Plus streaming service. This is another best offer available for the entire existing Verizon wireless plan customers. If you prefer to choose the new wireless service provider then think of this plan and consider subscribing the deal before it expires.

Sign-up Process – Disney+ Bundle Pack

The Disney+ bundle pack will contain the entire access to ESPN Plus, Disney Plus, and Hulu. You can choose any one of the following options to sign-up or register for the Disney+ bundle pack:

  • Existing Customers of ESPN Plus or Disney Plus
  • New User
  • Existing Customers of Hulu

Existing Customers of ESPN Plus or Disney Plus

If you are an existing customer of ESPN Plus or Disney Plus then it is advisable to contact the Disney Support Team to seek guidance for subscribing to the bundle pack.

New User

The new customer to utilize the three different services like ESPN Plus, Disney Plus, and Hulu should meet the following eligibility requirements to sign-up or register for the Disney+ bundle pack:

  • Open up a web browser and access the Hulu official website.
  • Now, navigate to the Sign Up page.
  • Tap the Sign up icon for new registration.
  • Input your name, valid email address, your account password, and also personal information.
  • Choose your payment information, it could be your PayPal account or Credit card details.
  • Activate the ESPN Plus & Disney Plus subscriptions.
  • Once it is done, you can successfully access the Disney Plus bundle pack without any issues.

The existing customers of Hulu service can still subscribe to the Disney bundle with Live TV or No-ads Hulu plan. They are also allowed to sign up or register for any add-ons plan at any time.

Existing Customers of Hulu

The existing Hulu customers should meet the following eligibility requirements to sign-up or register for the Disney+ bundle pack. In case if you had already subscribed for Hulu Pursuant Promotional offer then it is required to cancel the existing promotional offer to subscribe for the Disney Plus bundle pack. If not, you can still sign up or register for the Disney plus bundle pack using the Disney+ website. Follow the below steps to sign up for the Disney+ bundle pack:

  • Log in or access your Hulu account page using the mobile browser or web browser.
  • Access the Subscription menu and choose the Manage Plan option.
  • Within the Packages sub-menu, choose the Disney+ bundle plan as per your preferred Hulu plan.
  • Choose the Review Changes option.
  • Activate the ESPN Plus & Disney Plus subscriptions.
  • Once it is done, you can successfully access the Disney Plus bundle pack without any issues.

The existing Hulu customers are allowed to manage their Disney Plus bundle pack account or subscription directly using their Hulu account.

Disney Plus – Compatible Devices

Disney plus app or web access is available for the entire devices like Amazon FireTV sticks, Smart TVs, tablets, mobile phones, and computers.

Web browsers

Users are allowed to access their Disney plus bundle pack using the web browser on their Mac or Windows computers.

Games consoles

  • Xbox One
  • Sony PS4 (PlayStation 4)
  • It is currently not available for Xbox 360 or the Nintendo Switch

Smart TV Sticks

  • Roku devices
  • Chromecast
  • Airplay & Apple TV
  • Amazon FireTV Stick

Other Supportive Platforms

  • Samsung Tizen Smart TV (If your TV is working on the Orsay OS then Disney+ is not compatible to use).
  • Sharp, Sanyo, Philips, JVC, Hitachi, Hisense, and Roku TV. Access the Roku Channel store to include the Disney+ bundle pack.
  • LG WebOS Smart TVs (version should be WebOS 3.0 or 2016 models & above)
  • Android TV devices like Sony Bravia & Sharp AQUOS.
  • Apple iOS devices such as iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone, running with iOS version 11.0 or above.
  • Android devices like tablets and mobile phones, running with Android version 5.0 (Lollipop) or above.
  • Even other mobile phones or tablets models.
  • You can easily install the Disney plus app on your Android mobile phone directly from the Google Play Store.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media users will not able to access Disney Plus with full integration on their Virgin media box. BT users will also experience a similar situation without integration.

Now TV

Disney Plus is currently not available for Now TV but it will be added in the upcoming year.

Sky Q

Similar to Netflix, Disney plus bundle pack is fully integrated or supported with your Sky Q box. However, ensure that your box is updated to the latest version. If required, you can contact the support team to get the latest version.

Disney plus subscribers are allowed to watch or stream the video content simultaneously on four screens. This is similar to an additional screen provided by the Amazon Prime Video or Netflix’ Premium plan. They are restricted to use only three screens simultaneously. At max, you are allowed to register to authenticate only 10 devices to watch Disney streaming service. Also, you can create seven different profiles to access your Disney plus account.

Disney Plus Comparison with Other Streaming Services

The most important streaming services such as Hulu or Netflix or Amazon Prime Video will showcase a wide range of TV entertainment and movies over the web. Disney Plus service is more focused and provides the entire Disney content for its users. There is no limitation or restriction for entertainment, the Walt Disney Television, and the Walt Disney Studios will create the entire video content from sci-fi thrillers, action, animated kids’ movies, and many more. It is also difficult to identify someone not interested to watch the Disneyplus created series and movies. The essential feature of Disney plus is launching the service with zero advertisements.

It is appreciable to utilize this ad-free streaming service as of now but not sure whether this service will change with an ad-pricing scheme or add-on feature to use this service. Disney plus is charged below $10 per month and more affordable when compared with the pricing of other major competitors. In case if you are experiencing any latency to view your favorite Disney content with the help of other competitor’s streaming service then it is advisable to subscribe for the Disney plus service to overcome the problem. Across the major and most important streaming services available around the marketplace, Disney plus will allow you to include various profile additions and as well as multiple-device streaming support. 

Disney plus FAQ’s

How much is Disney plus?

CountryMonthly rateAnnual rate
United States$6.99$69.99
Canada$8.99 CAD$89.99 CAD
Netherlands€ 6.99€ 69.99
Australia$8.99 AUD$89.99 AUD
New Zealand$9.99 NZ$99.99 NZ
Ireland€ 6.99€ 69.99
Germany6,99 €69,99 €
Austria6,99 €69,99 €
Italy6,99 €69,99 €
Spain6,99 €69,99 €
France6,99 €69,99 €
Switzerland9.90 CHF99.00 CHF

Disney Plus price is around $69.99/year and $6.99/month along with 2 free months for access. In case if this is not the best savings plan then you can consider other deals to utilize. Hulu viewers can also subscribe to the Disney Plus Bundle pack that includes ESPN Plus, Hulu, and Disney Plus with the pricing of $12.99 to save around $5. If you prefer then you can subscribe for a special pack that includes an ad-free version of Hulu, ESPN Plus, and Disney Plus bundle to save approximately $6/month.

A similar offer can be utilized by subscribing for Live TV & Hulu. When compared with the standard definition streaming service (priced at $8.99/month) and standard Netflix package (priced at $12.99/month), the Disney Plus service is cheaper and can save around $6/month. However, the Apple TV service is also much cheaper at $4.99/month. The Disney streaming service is available with more affordable pricing by including the originals mix and also incomparable Disney library for access.

What is Disney plus?

Disney Plus is another best ad-free and on-demand streaming service developed by the Walt Disney Company. The subscribers are allowed to watch numbers Disney plus shows and movies using multiple devices like gaming consoles, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, and Smart TVs. Unlimited downloads are included in the service and allow watching or streaming your favorite video content anytime and anywhere. The content of Disney plus is uploaded from Walt Disney Televisions’ and Walt Disney Studios’ like 20th Century Fox, National Geographic, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and Disney.

How do I sign up for Disney+?

The Walt Disney Company has provided everything to impress the potential users to make it easier and possible for signing up to utilize the free trial. The sign-up or registration process is much simpler and can perform the same on any devices like Smart TV, mobile phones, or even laptop within a few minutes. Please ensure that the Disney plus service will offer a 7-day free trial period to use the service and still prompt you to provide the PayPal account or your credit card details. Once the free trial subscription is completed, the users are charged on their account or credit card for the subscription.

Instead of using the remote or controller on your Smart TV, you can use the actual keyboard for the registration process over the web. It is much easier to provide your billing address, username, an account password, and a valid email address. Follow the below-provided instructions to sign-in for your Disney plus subscription:

  • Open up a web browser and access the Disney Plus official website.
  • If you prefer to subscribe to Disney Plus Bundle Pack that includes the ESPN Plus & Hulu then press the “Buy Now” option, if not then press the “Start free trial” icon.
  • Now, input your valid email address and press the Continue icon.
  • Input your preferred & strong password for your Disney Plus account. Ensure that your account password must be six characters long including the special character & a number and then press the Continue icon.
  • Press the subscription option $69.99 per year or $6.99 per month and provide your payment information. It may be your PayPal account or Credit card information.
  • Tap the option “Agree & Subscribe” to create a new Disney Plus account.

What will Disney plus include?

Disney Plus will feature a wide range of Disney plus shows, movies, web series, and also exclusive of 26 Disney plus originals. They include some Disney plus original documentaries (like One Day at Disney) and Live actions (like Togo, Lady, and the Tramp, etc.). Disney plus users starting from its release data they can watch or stream National Geographic programs, Marvel TV shows & movies, Star Wars, and Pixar.

The Mandalorian, the all-new Star Wars web-series are also included in the pack for streaming. Disney plus content will include numerous episodes of the most popular show “The Simpsons” to watch on your Disney plus subscription. Even Netflix service can also showcase various classic Disney movies like Bambi, Pinocchio, and Snow White along with some live-action movies like The Lion King, Aladdin, and Beauty & the Beast.

Final Conclusion

Disney Plus is another excellent streaming service offered for various families with children to watch from the vast catalog of latest movies and TV shows. Adults can stay entertained with specially designed movies and some shows for them. The Disney streaming service will upload the new content to its database regularly. The subscribers are more entertained and fulfilled the gap by Disney Plus service when compared to the Netflix or Amazon Prime Video service.

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